Abigail Mayne

illustration & design portfolio

A sample of Oliver's Great Adventure children's book illustration
A sample of the Good Boy Brew beer ad campaignA sample of the Northern Reflections corporate branding projectA sample of Forget Me Not Flowers & More illustrated bannerA sample of the Seize the Day Epilepsy Walk/Run fundraiser poster and SWAG campaignA sample of The Burger's Priest take out box designA pattern of green lily pads and flowersA sample of a photographer's website designA sample of the video for Rob's Wicked Chicken & Wedges Christmas greeting video A sample of the New Year Bear illustration

About Abigail

artist of london ontario canada


I am a recent graduate from the Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College.

I illustrated a children’s book, ‘Oliver’s Great Adventure’ that was published in 2021.

I have done freelance design and illustration work for clients creating logos, branding, album covers & tracklists, and portraits.

I have sold paintings at the Westland Gallery Square Foot Show in London

I also participated in a co-op program with the London-based painter, Jamie Jardine and worked with London-based ceramicist Beth Turnbull Morrish at Turning Bull Pottery, selling her works and teaching ceramics classes.

A woman in a violet turtleneck
An illustration of geometric flowers


I have many hand-crafting hobbies! I enjoy creating beauty all around me through decorating, baking, embroidery, sewing, and photography!

I am heavily inspired by all things cute, feminine, natural, western (cowboys), and 70s-era.

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